Auroza EMS669MG RGB 8200 DPI Laser sensor gaming mouse

The Auroza Laser Mouse, with its resolution of 8200 DPI is the ideal weapon for FPS games. The unique backlight in the back of the mouse looks like a smiling face, you even during the fiercest battles do not lose a good mood. The Mouse is backlit in RGB colors with 16.8 million possibilities (to control with the software).

If you’re looking for an extreme gaming experience, the E-Blue Auroza Type IM FPS ergonomic mouse will meet your exacting needs with its perfect design. The scroll wheel is designed for smooth and fast operation. You will always have a leg up on your enemies. Programmable RGB lighting gives you the style you want. Its anti-interference fiber cable allows high-speed data transfer.

• Ultra-fast and precise movement thanks to a resolution of 8200 DPI (Laser Sensor).

• Type: Laser.

• Max acceleration: 30G.

• DPI adjustable on 6 levels ensures accuracy and stability:


• 4 Adjustable transfer rate: 125/250/500 / 1000Hz.

• Chip: A9800.

• Fps (frame rate): 6 500FPS.

• Lifetime: 10,000,000 Clicks.

• RGB lighting 16 million colors.

• Ergonomic design for easy maneuvering.

• Incandescent Scroll Wheel is designed for faster, smoother operation.

• Unique friction surface for better grip.

• Anti-interference fiber cable for uninterrupted data transfer.

• Dimension: 130 x 68 x 40 mm.

• Weight: 130g.

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