Auroza EEC324BL Bluetooth gaming chair

The Auroza X1 EEC324BL Gamer Armchair is the world’s first Gamer Pro armchair with two built-in Bluetooth speakers.

AUROZA Bluetooth Gamer Armchair EEC324BL is equipped with two integrated Bluetooth Speakers and has a seat that will give you an innovative “Anti-Fatigue” effect to improve your longevity and make you the ultimate winner. Esthetic level, the Auroza EEC324BL Armchair of the E-BLUE range is up to your expectations, its topstitched finish and the curves of its tub propel you in a seat designed for high-level players.

• Dimension: 700 x 700 x 1230-1330 mm (± 5mm)

Weight: 23Kg

• Colors: Blue and Gray

• Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 – 2.0 channels / Transfer range: 10m

• Battery: 20000mA / Current: 300mA

• Autonomy: 53 hours (under full load)

• Adjustable armrest back and forth and height adjustable up and down freely (70mm ±


• 4 tilt levels: 95-100-110-130 ° (Max.)

• Angel reclining and lockable by hand

• Seat height adjustable 100 ± 5mm.

• Bluetooth Matching Code: In Bluetooth Mode (Level 4): Turn on the mobile’s Bluetooth

the feature, search for “BLUE C324” to connect to Bluetooth and receive a voice prompt once your mobile is paired with the game chair.

• Ergo-Comfort Design: Designed with an ergonomic structure to support your body to

perfection, a high-quality PU & Suede leather with excellent breathability for comfort.

• Bluetooth without limits: The built-in Bluetooth speaker on both sides of the headrest

provides a limitless gaming experience.

• CLASS 4 (TUV) air spring: Class 4 TUV certified gas spring, high strength steel with

chromate coating for safety and stability.

• Chair upholstery: Nylon + 30% fiberglass, large diameter 70 cm

Static load capacity of 1500 kg.

• Durable castors are injected with Nylon + 30% fiberglass for excellent abrasion

resistance and longer life.

• Setting the Lighting Modes / Level 1 – Light Off / Level 2 – Blue / Level 3 – Red / Level 4-

Bluetooth Mode – Red & Blue Flashing in turn.

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