SCION-32 EPC007BK Tower Bare-bone Monitor (AU OPTRONICS 1080P 144Hz E-Sport Panel)

The SCION-32 EPC007BK from E-BLUE is the first all-in-one PC Gamer Screen to mount yourself. With its built-in 32 “1920×1080 display resolution, you’ll be transported into the game! A response time of 3ms ensures that you will not miss any details. This PC is from the outset composed of a 1920×1080 screen, but then it is up to you to add the components you want.

The SCION 32 Monitor is, therefore, you will understand, a kind of evolutionary tower, where you can mount your preferred configuration. The SCION 32 is compatible with Mini-ATX and Micro ATX motherboards (max 170 x 235mm). There is the possibility of adding 2 hard drives (HDD and SSD). It is also compatible with most graphics cards (max 302 x 148 x 45mm ). Connectivity side several audio inputs and outputs, 2 USB ports, a DVI port, a PS2 port and an Ethernet port (subject to compatibility with your motherboard). It also benefits from a very efficient cooling system since it has 2 fans of 12cm running at 1500 RPM. On the outer side, its futuristic design features backlit areas, on the front of the screen as well as on the sides and back of the monitor, for a unique gaming experience. You can adjust the screen tilt to + -15 °.

• AU OPTRONICS 144Hz E-Sport Panel

• Monitor Size: 32 “HD Pan

• Slab Brand: SAMSUNG

• Resolution: 1920 × 1080

• Frame rate: 144Hz

• Response time: 1 ms

• Viewing angle of 178 ° (panning)

• Aluminum +/- 15 ° tilting support

• Brightness: 250 cd / ?

• Ratio of contrast: 12,000,000: 1

• Panel type: TFT

• Backlight type: LED

• Picture format: 16: 9

• Cooling system: Double blower 1500RPM (12x12cm) – 3D design air duct for a better

distribution of the flow.

• Input and Output: 2 USB 2.0 ports / 3.5 mm double jack: 3.5 mm audio jack and 3.5 mm


• Stereo speaker: 40hm

• Command buttons: ON / OFF – Menu – Buttons +/- – Back

• Accessories: Manual, power cord, Allen key, cable ties.

• Product Dimensions: 790x220x530mm

Available slot and compatibility:

• 1 Motherboard “Compatible”: Mini-ATX and Micro ATX Max. 170 x 235mm

• 2 Hard Drives: 1 HDD (3.5 “) and 1 SSD (2.5”)

• 1 Graphics card: 1050p, 1060p, 1080p (HDMI interface) – Max. 302 x 148 x 45mm

• 1 CPU: depends on the type of motherboard

• Memory capacity: depends on the motherboard type

• 1 Power supply unit: Required size 150 x 86 x 140mm

Important Notes: The power supply (not supplied) is required to operate the monitor, fans, and LED lighting – 4-pin power connector (IDE).

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11 in stock